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Win vouchers for all popular Australian brands. Gift cards for malls, retail chains online shops are given away in these competitions. Very popular are the vouchers for supermarkets that help you with your grocery shopping. A voucher for your favorite shop really is as good as cash, and you can fulfill your wishes just the same way. For this very reason, this category of competition is excellent. If you are looking for a particular giveaway but cannot find it, the chances are that you find a gift card for a retailer who carries just the item that you are looking for.

Gift cards for department stores are given out by the stores and by other promoters who want to have an appealing prize for the participants. As you would expect, there are lots of vouchers for stores like Westfield, Kmart, and supermarkets like Coles, Woolies, and even IGA. Those are nice prizes. You can just use them to help you cope with your regular expenses. Or much more fun you use these vouchers for a special treat. Go and spoil yourself and get some nice stuff that you have looked at but could not afford or something you always dreamed of getting. Just as standard a vouchers for specialty shops. Whether it is JB Hi-Fi, Dan Murphy's, or Priceline, all these can be found as giveaways. In Australia, we now and hundreds of online shops selling all sorts of stuff. This is a blessing for us compers. With all these online retailers trying to get business, they become more innovative and give out vouchers or one-off coupons to get new customers. She's Electric, Running Bare, Pilgrim, Dress Me are just a few examples of these. There are probably hundreds of these every year giving out gift cards. The best ones we aim to list here on AussieContets.

Another big group is the travel vouchers. Most common, Fight Centre vouchers but also many many others from various travel agents. These travel vouchers can be used for your next holiday to pay for hotels, flights, or car rental vouchers. You can use them as full or partial payment depending on what your holiday plans are. With a big prize pool, the travel vouchers could be worth $10,000 or more so you can get the whole family to enjoy a trip. These gift cards also make great presents for your friends or families. If you are lucky and win several of these vouchers, why not share the happiness and give one to somebody close to you. One thing you need to remember is that many of these gift cards have a limited validity. It usually is long, like a year or so. Nevertheless, it has happened that somebody won a big value voucher, was incredibly happy and decided to save it for later. Then, when she wanted to redeem it, the expiry date had been reached already. So if you win one of these, make sure you use the voucher during the period of validity.

However, there are many ways to enter the competition on this page. Each organizer of the competition has different requirements. Some use a randomized system, so you only need to fill out the online forms provided as easy as when you enter competitions in supermarkets. However, there are also organizers that require competition participants to fill out surveys to be able to participate in the competition, some of them also requiring reposting a post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or even requiring the purchase of a particular product. You are expected to be more careful and pay close attention to any competition requirements you follow to avoid fraud and increase your chances to win.

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