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Here you can win a lot of types of money. Actual cash is a grand prize that is hard to beat because you can use it for whatever stuff you dream of. No wonder cash competitions and money as a prize are among the most popular to be won. What would you do if you won a big sum of money just like that? Money prizes come in different forms; they can be actual hard cash, big cheques, or cash cards like Visa prepaid or EFTPOS cards. Some money competitions are also in the form of a long term pension, free insurance, a cash payment against your mortgage. You can often win amounts like $1,000 or $5,000 in easy to enter competitions, but we also find others for 30,000 dollars or even 100,000 dollars.

Most of the Australian competitions we are listing here make it a quite clear upfront that the prize you win is cash or another form of money. However, we also list competitions which give a cash alternative. For example, a competition that is about winning an expensive holiday may have a cash alternative to win $15,000 in cash: If you check the terms of some other competitions you will also realize that they are giving out money as an alternative, be it a transfer to your bank, cash, a cheque or a prepaid cash card. Then, it often is up to the winner to select the cash option. Finding those hidden money competitions for you are part of the service we offer at AussieContests.

The best thing about money competitions is that you have the most flexibility. You can use the cash to buy whatever you want or even save it for later. So do not waste any time and enter to win your share of the free cash. Remember, you need to be in it to win it! However, there are many ways to enter the competition on this page. Each organizer of the competition has different requirements. Some use a randomized system, so you only need to fill out the online forms provided as easy as when you enter competitions in supermarkets. However, some organizers require competition participants to fill out surveys to participate in the competition, some of them also requiring reposting a post on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even requiring the purchase of a particular product. You are expected to be more careful and pay close attention to any competition requirements you follow to avoid fraud and increase your chances to win.

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