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AussieContests is your free guide to Australian online contests

AussieContests is published by Lina Lundqvist, internet junkie and crazy about contests.

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AussieContest rating system 5 star

We are individually screening and rating all competitions that we list on AussieContests. In the initial evaluation of any competition we try to judge whether it is a legitimate competition that gives out the prizes as promised and complies with all Australian rules and regulation. Only competitions that pass this first screening are listed on our site. Each competition is then rated by us and the rating is shown on the individual competition pages.
We use a five star system where five stars is the maximum rating and no star the minimum. You do not usually see any no star rating on our site because those competitions we do not even bother listing at all. When we rate a competition we are looking at many factors including

  • is the promotor a well know brand or a company that we know personally?
  • did we list their competitions previously and have they properly announced previous winners and give out prizes?
  • does the competition have clear and valid terms and conditions that are easily accessible?
  • do they comply with all rules and regulations?
  • in the case of a random draw competition do they show the necessary state level licences where required?
  • how big is the prize pool?
  • how many winners are there? and what is the highest and average value of the prizes?
  • how attractive and original is the prize?
  • what are the chances of winning for our members?
  • how easy is it to enter? competitions that are a pain to enter get a lower ranking, those who are fun a higher rating
  • how attractive is the competition page?
  • did we get positive feedback about the competiton? or even negative or complaints?
Each competition is rated individually and the factors are combined in one rating. If you are a brand and have questions about our ratings please contact us. The rating is meant to be a guidance to our members and one of the most important contributions to the rating is actually our members' feedback. A big brand does not necessarily need to score higher than a small one. And even a blogger running occasional competitions can rate well if her or his competitions are genuine, creative, fun and worth joining for our Australian members.